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Google Launched a Chrome Enterprise Bundle for IT Pros

Google announced a new Chrome Enterprise Bundle that is sure to make IT pros life a bit easier. It will help admins deploy and manage the Chrome browser across the company. It provides admins a single installer for the Chrome browser, the Chrome Legacy Browser Support (LBS) extension for running an ActiveX widget and some administrative policy templates.

Now it’s easier for IT admins to deploy Chrome. This could upset the standard that is Internet Explorer or Edge standards at most companies, a change which may already be on its way considering the company says that the number of enterprises that use Chrome has doubled over the last two years.

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Regardless, with LBS, companies ocan deploy Chrome even if they need access to older versions of Internet Explorer to use outdated plugins such as Silverlight. If an employee using Chrome clicks on a link that needs a legacy browser to work, the LBS extension will open the URL in that browser. And when an employee types in another URL, the browser switches back.

The new bundle coincides with the release of Chrome 58, which features GPU acceleration in Citrix environments, roaming profiles and Windows Server auto-detection. The browser now also offers support for Citrix’s XenApp virtualization platform and Windows Server with Terminal services. The company plans to add additional tools to the bundle over time.


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