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Corsair One Pro

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The One is far from the only small-form-factor desktop out there, but the sleek, compact size are its raison d’etre nonetheless. The all-aluminum body is entirely black, with two zagging light strips running down the front face.


It’s uniquely sized for such a powerful gaming desktop, a relatively short pillar that stands at 14.96 by 6.9 by 7.87 inches (HWD), a footprint will take up less desk space than your monitor.

Front Panel

The lights are static sky blue by default, which gives off a very Tron-like aesthetic, but the colors and effects can be changed through included software.


The side panels boast tiny triangular vent cutouts, which are most densely placed toward the bottom and thin out toward the top, looking something like a digital fade pattern.


The front panel features the Power button, a USB 3.1 port, and an HDMI port, which makes plugging in a VR headset easier since you don’t have to go around back for the required ports.

Top Vent

A single ML140 fan, located up top under a metal grate, operates with assisted convection to cool the system, drawing colder air through the radiators and exhausting out the top.

Rear Panel

The rear panel does hold the majority of other connections, though: there are three USB 3.1 ports, a USB-C port, a USB 2.0 port, audio lines, and a gigabit Ethernet jack.

Rear Ports

There are two DisplayPort connections and an HDMI port leading to the graphics card as well, though this is one fewer DisplayPort than normal for a GTX 1080 because of the layout. Instead, these connections are pass-throughs to the vertical graphics card.
Processor Name - 6
Processor Speed - 5
RAM - 6
Storage Capacity (as Tested) - 1
Graphics Card - 8


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