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HP Omen X

Full View

Eschewing a traditional rectangular case for an enigmatic cube design, this gaming desktop hums with power like the Allspark, or a sleeker Borg ship.

Front Face

The front face, where you’ll find the Omen logo, glows with customizable lighting.

Side View

The cube is oriented with one edge positioned on a stand, as is tilted at 45 degrees to give it some artistic flair.


The Omen X takes up a lot of room: It measures 20.3 by 19.9 by 16 inches (HWD), so you’ll need to carve out a big chunk of space for it.

Storage Bays

There are four storage bays on the exterior, allowing you to swap in hard drives without even opening the case.


The chassis, though unique, does support standard micro-ATX motherboards, so upgrades down the line are possible. There are four memory slots, occupied in our build by 16GB of DDR4 memory, while the maximum is 32GB.

Hard Drives

Each slot is flush with the smooth exterior, but had a small indent to grip and pull open, and a tag on the hard drive lets you slide it out.

Side Ports

There are two USB 3.0 ports, two USB-C ports, an SD card slot, and microphone and headphone jacks on the right side panel.

Interior Access

Accessing the interior of the case is about as easy as getting to the hard drives: A simple eject button on the side of the case pops off a side panel, putting the motherboard and graphics card in plain view.

Rear Ports

Ports around back include six USB 3.0 ports, an Ethernet jack, an HDMI port, plus the video card’s video outputs (three DisplayPort connectors and one HDMI port).
Processor Name - 40%
Processor Speed - 40%
RAM - 60%
Storage Capacity (as Tested) - 60%
Graphics Card - 80%


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