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NFC Smart Poster & other Applications

Connecting the Online Digital World to the Offline World through smart phones.

NFC Smart Poster

NFC smart posters are embedded or affixed with an NFC inlay which allow for easy communication and transfer of data. Whenever an individual places their NFC device near the smart poster, the NFC tag will transfer data and/or launch a task on the device. Typically, NFC smart posters are used in advertisements such as magazine advertisements, fliers, billboards, and other physical mediums.

NFC smart posters are favored over many other digital forms of communication because NFC technology is typically a native feature of the consumer’s mobile device. Since it’s a native feature, no special applications are needed to initiate the communication between NFC tags and devices; they simply require close proximity. On the other hand, QR codes require special applications to initiate any interactions.

The ability to easily transfer data is appealing to retailers, advertising agencies, transportation authorities, health care providers, and many other industries, especially those that interact with consumers. The seamless interaction offers new ways to distribute information, and its applications are only limited by the creativity of the provider.

The NFC smart posters are extremely beneficial to all marketers. Since near field communication requires the user to take action, the opt-in nature of the technology creates an engaged user leading to a much more meaningful interaction with a brand. Also, NFC smart posters create new avenues in which to communicate and engage with consumers.

The ability to include dynamic call-to-actions in traditional media offers new ways to measure investment and engagement of traditional advertisements. If a patron of a local coffee shop sees a poster for an upcoming concert, a simple interaction between the phone and the smart poster will take the user to a website where she can purchase tickets or download a song. If the marketer notices the call-to-action is under performing, they may switch the offering to something more targeted based on user analytics. Since these interactions are taking place via the smart poster, marketers finally have a more precise way to measure the effectiveness of their traditional media impressions.



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