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Panda Security Antivirus Pro Review

PROS / AV-Test certifies Panda Antivirus as effective protection against malware.
CONS / Panda’s telephone and live chat support is only available with an extra fee. 
VERDICT / Panda Antivirus Pro effectively protects against malware but lacks some features and services of the top antivirus products.
Editor’s Note: Top Ten Reviews uses test results from the independent laboratory AV-Test as part of our review process for the best antivirus software. AV-Test looks specifically at protection, performance and usability on multiple versions of Windows operating systems, and it performs these evaluations several times throughout the year.
We use the most current AV-Test scores available at the time of our review. It is possible that new AV-Test scores will be released after our review goes live on the site. We will consider these scores during our next review of the best antivirus software.Panda Security is one of the dominant virus control software vendors. Panda Antivirus Pro offers some helpful features, such as a rescue disk tool, automatic USB scanning and a built-in firewall. In protection and performance, Panda Antivirus Pro runs with the best, according to AV-Test.Panda performed as well as the best antivirus software at stopping malware attacks in tests by AV-Test. However, it did so at the expense of slightly slowing down the PC it was installed on. During tests to see if it accurately distinguishes between good and bad files, it scored about average.This virus protection software distinguishes between known and unknown threats and lets you control what it does about them. It scans internet browsers, instant messages and files on disk for known threats, and you can pick any of these or none. You can also decide whether you want the computer protection software to record these events in a log. Panda’s antivirus protection extends beyond your Windows 10 computer to also protect your mobile devices.A helpful feature Panda Antivirus Pro includes lets you create a rescue USB drive to use when your computer doesn’t boot because of infection. When you take the time to create a rescue disk before you need it, it is easier to recover from otherwise catastrophic situations.

Panda Antivirus for Windows 8

Panda Antivirus Pro 16.1 is the product AV-Test most recently tested in June 2016 on Windows 8 operating systems. It received a near-perfect score for protection, meaning it identified and blocked both known and unknown internet threats such as malware, Trojans and worms. However, it received one of the lowest scores for performance, causing significant lag on the test computer. Its perfect score in usability makes Panda Antivirus Pro suitable Windows 8 antivirus software.

Panda Secure includes protection for mobile devices and automatically scans USB drives. It also has a gaming mode, so you can play games on your computer without worrying about pop-up reminders or scheduled scans interrupting your gameplay.

Panda Antivirus for Windows 7

AV-Test tested the most current version of Panda Security as a Windows 7 antivirus. It didn’t make our lineup for Windows 7 antivirus software, though it did score 100 percent in protection against malware threats, both known and newly discovered. It didn’t score as well in the other testing areas, earning an average score in distinguishing between good and bad files, and scored lower than most in running virus protection without interfering in the overall performance of your computer.

Panda for Windows Vista & XP

It did a decent job in independent testing, performing above average in recognizing and protecting against known malware threats. It struggled a bit in recognizing legitimate files and often blocked them. However, while running Panda Security, test computers only slowed by 150 seconds instead of the industry average of 221 seconds.

During the last round of testing by AV-Test in 2014, Panda received perfect scores for protection, performance and usability, making it a strong contender among Windows XP antivirus software.

Help & Support

Panda’s online support center hosts a forum, blog and FAQs. You can also contact technical support via email. Telephone is only available during weekday business hours, which puts it behind companies that are available 24/7. For an added fee, you can have premium support, which includes 24/7 live chat and phone support.


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