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Trend Micro Antivirus + Security 10 Review

PROS / Trend Micro uses web-reputation technology to ensure websites are safe as you surf the internet.
CONS / The software has no identifiable gamer mode. 
VERDICT / Trend Micro Antivirus + Security protects your computer from both known and unknown malware and other internet threats regardless of the Windows operating system you are running.
Editor’s Note: Top Ten Reviews uses test results from the independent laboratory AV-Test as part of our review process for the best antivirus software. AV-Test looks specifically at protection, performance and usability on multiple versions of Windows operating systems, and it performs these evaluations several times throughout the year. We use the most current AV-Test scores available at the time of our review. It is possible that new AV-Test scores will be released after our review goes live on the site. We will consider these scores during our next review of the best antivirus software.Trend Micro Antivirus + Security for Windows 10 fares well in our comparison of the best antivirus software, in part because of its impressive scores in the AV-Test results. It received perfect scores in both protection and usability, meaning it could differentiate between a valid threat and a legitimate website. It also detected and blocked hundreds of known malware and thousands of newly discovered threats, making it secure computer protection.In addition to its virus protection, Trend Micro adequately protects against spyware as well as other malware: keyloggers, hackers, operating system exploits, Trojans, rootkits and worms. It is also one of the few programs we reviewed that has begun including protection against ransomware, a new form of malware that locks you out of your computer until you pay a hefty fee to the ransomware creator.Trend Micro uses web-reputation technology to protect you online. This approach assigns a score to domains and individual pages. The score takes into consideration a site’s age, location changes and various other factors that provide clues about potential danger. In a similar fashion, its email-reputation technology protects your system from email-borne threats by validating IP addresses and checking reputation databases for known threats. Trend Micro is advanced enough to also detect threats coming in through removable drives.While the software scans for threats in real time, you can always perform a manual scan. You can choose a quick, in-depth or custom scan. Trend Micro doesn’t have a gamer mode, a feature common to antivirus software, which reduces interruptions while you use full-screen apps.

Trend Micro Antivirus + Security for Windows 10 is rich in features and has good customer support options. It also helps prevent identity theft by blocking phishing emails. This virus control software has good scores from AV-Test, but it doesn’t quite match the quality of the best antivirus software in our review.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Windows 8

AV-Test looked at how well Trend Micro Antivirus + Security protected against viruses and malware on computers running Windows 8 and 8.1 in June 2016. It found that Trend Micro detected and blocked internet threats more often than the industry average, both those that were known and those discovered during the testing process. In all, Trend Micro protected against almost 17,000 different viruses.

Trend Micro performed perfectly in tests for usability and performance. It showed a better-than-average lag when used with Windows 8 and gave two false positives, meaning it mistakenly blocked legitimate content as a threat twice. These scores are well above the industry standard.

Trend Micro Antivirus + Security is an effective solution to protect your Windows 8 computer against malware, hackers and ransomware. It scans websites as you access them to determine if any threats are present. It also scans your incoming email messages and your removable drives as you connect them through your computer’s USB drives.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Windows 7

Trend Micro didn’t rank in our review of the best Windows 7 antivirus software. However, its recent AV-Test results are perfect scores in all three areas: protection, performance and usability. These tests were conducted in February 2016 using the most recent version of Trend Micro’s computer protection software, which is compatible with multiple Windows platforms in addition to Windows 7. The same tools and features are available, including ransomware protection and scanning of incoming files from removable drives and email messages.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Windows Vista & XP

Trend Micro is competitive antivirus software for Windows Vista. Independent tests that AV-Test conducted in December 2010 show that Trend Micro does a much better job of protecting your computer than Microsoft Security Essentials, the program that comes standard with your Windows Vista computer. Trend Micro performed above average in protection against both known and newly released malware threats.

Trend Micro is included on our lineup of antivirus for Windows XP. AV-Test more recently evaluated it on Windows XP in 2014, and it received a perfect score for protection. It dipped a bit in performance and usability, though it still proved better than the industry average in both.

Help & Support

Trend Micro has a good mix of support options online, including general customer service and technical support. It hosts a searchable knowledgebase, or you can look for help in the discussion board. You can submit a case online or contact the company directly by phone or live chat; however, live support is limited in its availability. It isn’t accessible 24/7 like it is with the top antivirus protection services on our lineup.



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