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Folder Lock

Folder Lock is encryption software that you can truly trust to protect your files and data. This program uses the Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit key, which is the algorithm that many governments trust with their classified information across departments. Folder Lock also offers extra security features, such as file shredding and stealth mode. For these reasons and many more, it wins the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best encryption software.
PROS / This program offers the fastest encryption in our lineup.
CONS / Folder Lock does not include a password generator. 
VERDICT / Folder Lock is as fast and secure as encryption software gets, and the best we reviewed.


When you have lots of data to encrypt, you can expect to spend quite a bit of time at your computer organizing your files. The less time you have to spend idling while a program encrypts your sensitive information, the better. Folder Lock proved to be the fastest software in our lineup at encrypting data and deciphering it. We started with 63 files that totaled 128MB, and Folder Lock took less than six seconds to scramble and lock up all of those files. This equates to only a few minutes to secure gigs of data, so you won’t spend too much time waiting at your computer.We also took into account how easy it is to use the software. From installation to encryption, we found that Folder Lock was simple every step of the way. Once we locked the files, the program hid them. This is a great way to ensure your privacy even beyond encryption, because the files won’t be visible to anyone who gets a peek at your hard drive.You can create a basic locker or a locker for backup. Then it’s as simple as dragging and dropping files that you want to secure. You can upload the backup lockers to Folder Lock’s cloud, but it costs extra to use that service. Alternatively, you can create self-extracting files to store on a USB flash drive, CD, DVD or another cloud service.


Folder Lock employs the AES 256-bit key algorithm, which is the most trusted cipher. The U.S. government uses the same algorithm to keep its data safe from prying eyes, so you can trust that your most sensitive documents are also safe.One of the best extra features of this encryption program is its file shredder. Data encryption is one way to keep your data secure, but when you’re ready to dispose of that data, you want to be sure it’s really gone. Folder Lock’s file shredder is as easy as encrypting files. Shredding your important data is the best way to be sure your documents are permanently removed from your computer and are unrecoverable.

Another great feature of Folder Lock is the password strength meter. Encryption and the algorithm used is important, but the password you choose is vital. If you’re unsure whether your password is strong enough, you can trust Folder Lock to let you know. A password generator would be even more useful, as it would save you from having to think of a strong one yourself, but this program doesn’t include one.

If you have any reason to believe that your computer has been compromised and you think you have a keylogger, or a program that records your keystrokes as you type, you can use the virtual keyboard that Folder Lock includes. This feature lets you use your mouse to click each key on a keyboard onscreen to prevent your password from being recorded. Although you already have a virtual keyboard available from the Windows operating system, this encryption program puts it a single mouse click away.

For even more security, you can use the software in stealth mode, which prevents any digital footsteps that you could create while you encrypt, decrypt and shred files. This is another layer of privacy so those who share your computer can’t see that you use encryption software.

Version Compatibility

Folder Lock works on many versions of the Windows operating systems. Whether you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 or you’re still running Windows XP or Windows Vista, you can be sure that Folder Lock works on your personal computer.

Help & Support

When you need help with technical questions, or if you’re curious about how to use certain features of Folder Lock, you can contact the company’s customer service representatives through a form on the company’s website. For instant answers, though, you can learn more about Folder Lock through the FAQs on the company’s website. There is also a tutorial that guides you through the how-tos of the program.


In addition to being the fastest encryption program of all the software we tested, Folder Lock is also the easiest to use. It uses the industry-standard encryption algorithm, so you get peace of mind about your data’s security. Besides those vital benchmarks, this top-rated program also offers numerous ways to protect your files beyond encryption, such as file shredding, password help and stealth mode, making Folder Lock the best encryption software we tested.


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