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Kruptos 2 Encryption Program Review

PROS / Kruptos 2 encryption program is easy encryption software to use. Find out more about this program here.

CONS / When you create an encrypted self-executable file, the software increases the file size.

 VERDICT / Kruptos 2 is an easy-to-use encryption program that works well to keep your files safe from prying eyes, and its helpful security tools add to its strength.


Kruptos 2 encryption program keeps would-be thieves away from your most sensitive information, such as financial documents, by encrypting your files. This data encryption program goes a few steps further to increase security for your information, with file name changes and a file shredder. This program holds its own next to the best encryption software, earning the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.


The Performance of Kruptos 2 Encryption Program

Kruptos 2  Encryption Program Review

The most important ability of encryption software is that it securely locks your files so no one can access them without a password. All of the programs in our lineup encrypt effectively, so we looked at other aspects that make the software better. We encrypted 63 files that equaled 128MB using Kruptos 2. Although it didn’t take an extremely long time – just under 30 seconds – it took significantly longer than a couple of other programs, which took less than 10 seconds.After our first test, we noticed that the files kept their original file names, but there is an option to scramble the file names as you encrypt. So, in the next test, we chose to change the file names, and that increased the time of encryption to more than two minutes. Deciphering files takes less than five seconds, though.

After installation, a browser opens to the Kruptos 2 website and immediately directs you to a start guide. Reading through it helps you quickly familiarize yourself with the program so you can confidently start using it. Once you set your master password, you can start encrypting folders by just right-clicking and then choosing the right option.

You can create self-extracting (EXE) files with this software, which are very useful because you can send them to someone else and all the recipient needs is the password to access your files. So, a safe way to send sensitive documents, such as tax forms to your financial adviser, is to create one of these executables, email it, then text or call your adviser to give the password. However, the EXE files Kruptos 2 creates are bloated beyond the original file size, so you need to make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to hold the large EXE file before creating one.


Kruptos 2  Encryption Program Review

Like all the best encryption software, Kruptos 2 employs AES 256-bit key encryption, which is the algorithm the U.S. government and military trust their classified documents to. You can rest assured this software uses the highest level of security to encrypt your personal information.Kruptos 2 doesn’t offer as many security extras as the top-rated software in our lineup. It doesn’t have a virtual keyboard, which lets you avoid keyloggers recording your keystrokes. However, Kruptos 2 includes the two most important security features: a file shredder and a password strength meter. In fact, the default setting when you encrypt files is to shred the original files. If this makes you nervous, you can change that and manually shred the files later. Shredding files is different from deleting files – shredding files overwrites the files you want to dispose of so that the file cannot be restored using file recovery software.

The password strength meter is helpful if you’re ever unsure about whether or not your password is strong enough. It’s important to remember that your encrypted files are only as safe as your password is strong. The longer and more random words and characters you use for your password, the better.

Version Compatibility

This software supports Windows 10, the newest version, as well as the oldest, Windows XP, and any version in between. As long as you use a Windows operating system, you can use Kruptos 2 without problems.

Help & Support

Kruptos 2  Encryption Program Review

You can contact customer support for Kruptos 2 by email or phone, but the company is located in the United Kingdom, so depending on your location, email may be easier. We found more documentation support from this software company than any other. There are FAQs and guides on its website that include videos and screenshots to help you fully understand the program.




Kruptos 2 is not as fast with its encryption as some other programs, and it doesn’t include all of the extras that the top-ranked program in our lineup does, but this software is still excellent for encryption and added security. It’s easy to use and has one of the most important added features – a file shredder. Overall, this is one of the strongest encryption software programs available.

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