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Secure IT 5.0.3 encryption program Review

Secure IT is data encryption software that’s accessible for anyone, regardless of what level your technical savvy is. In fact, Secure IT is the easiest encryption program we tested. It also offers a few benefits beyond encryption, which is why it receives the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

PROS / This is the easiest encryption program available.

CONS / You don’t get help with password generation.

 VERDICT / Secure IT is the easiest encryption software program to use and one of the best overall.


Secure IT 5.0.3 encryption program ReviewThe process of encryption can take a while, depending on how big your files are, because each file is being scrambled and compressed. We put Secure IT to the test with 63 files that totaled 128MB and found that the program holds its own against the competition and easily ranks among the best encryption software. Although Secure IT doesn’t encrypt files as quickly as our top-ranked program, it comes close – it took under 20 seconds to scramble the test batch of files. When we deciphered the files, it took about half the time of encryption.Secure IT is the easiest encryption program to learn and use. It integrates with the Windows operating system, so you don’t even have to start the software to use it. All you have to do is right-click on a file or folder you want to encrypt and choose the option in the Secure IT dropdown menu. You can also choose to encrypt to an executable (EXE) file, which allows the file to be opened on a computer that may not have the software, or digitally shred the file to make it unrecoverable. The benefit to doing all of your encryption work within the program, though, is that you have access to all of the options and preferences Secure IT provides.

We noted the size of our files after we encrypted everything and found that Secure IT compresses files better than most of the software we tested. The program squished our files down enough to save us 3 percent hard drive space overall, which doesn’t seem like much when you’re only dealing with 128MB, but if you’re encrypting, say, 1TB, you could be saving about 30GB of space.

Security Secure IT Encryption program

Secure IT 5.0.3 encryption program Review

Whether you’re a technophobe or a pro at all things computer-related, you want the best encryption algorithm possible, and Secure IT gives you a choice of two. The U.S. government trusts Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit key as the strongest encryption available, but you may prefer to use the Blowfish 448-bit key algorithm, which scrambles blocks of text rather than one bit at a time. Whichever you choose, your files will be safe as long as your password is strong.Secure IT doesn’t offer any help on the password front, so you need to make sure you know how to create a strong password that’s easy for you to remember. Your password should be at least 14 characters long and include random characters, such as numbers, punctuation, and a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters. Be sure you save your password somewhere or make it easy for you to remember but hard to guess, because Secure IT doesn’t offer any way for you to recover or reset your password.

If you’re done with certain files and ready to dispose of them, you want to make sure they’re gone. Simply deleting the data isn’t as secure as one may think. Until those files have been overwritten by other files, hackers can recover them with special software. Secure IT puts the power of file shredding in your hands. When you choose to shred a file, the software overwrites the file with randomized data, and you can decide how many times it passes over the file with that random data. The more passes, the more unlikely it is that the file is recoverable.

Version Compatibility

Regardless of which Windows operating system you run, you can likely use Secure IT on your personal computer. This encryption software supports Windows XP to Windows 10.

Help & Support

You can find a variety of help on Secure IT’s company website. There are FAQs, searchable help indexes and upgrades for your software. You can also send an email to the support team if you can’t find the answer to your question on the website. The help files and tutorials that are available are also immensely useful if you prefer to learn how to use programs on your own.


Secure IT hardly has a learning curve, making it the easiest program for data encryption we’ve used, which is part of the reason it rises to the top of our lineup. It offers two of the most secure algorithms available, as well as a file shredder so you can be sure your information is safe – whether locked up in encryption or completely erased from your hard drive.

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