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IOT devices can lead to a disaster

How IOT devices can lead to a disaster ?

GitHub has revealed it was hit with what may be the largest-ever distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in February 28 2018

The first portion of the attack peaked at 1.35Tbps and there was a second 400Gbps spike a little after 18:00 UTC. This graph provided by Akamai shows inbound traffic in bits per second that reached their edge.

The attack works by abusing memcached instances that are inadvertently accessible on the public internet with UDP support enabled. Spoofing of IP addresses allows memcached’s responses to be targeted against another address, like ones used to serve GitHub.com, and send more data toward the target than needs to be sent by the unspoofed source. The vulnerability via misconfiguration described in the post is somewhat unique amongst that class of attacks because the amplification factor is up to 51,000, meaning that for each byte sent by the attacker, up to 51KB is sent toward the target.

The incident

Between 17:21 and 17:30 UTC on February 28th we identified and mitigated a significant volumetric DDoS attack. The attack originated from over a thousand different autonomous systems (ASNs) across tens of thousands of unique endpoints. It was an amplification attack using the memcached-based approach described above that peaked at 1.35Tbps via 126.9 million packets per second.

IOT devices can lead to a disaster

IOT devices can lead to a disaster

IOT devices can lead to a disaster

The prognostic here that the world is flooded by IOT devices . The attacker send a fallacious UDP packet that results in the device sending a reply. The reply is much huge than the request.

The source address in the bogus packet is forged to be a system the attacker wants to overwhelm with traffic.

IOT devices can lead to a disaster

The key to preventing this type of attack is to design your protocol so that the reply from the device is always smaller than the request.






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