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No Porsche 911 hybrid until next decade

A Porsche 911 plug-in hybrid is moving closer to reality but is no chance to be offered until after the next generation of the iconic sports car launches toward the end of the decade. Development work is underway on hybridisation of the rear-engined 911, but the model line director Thomas …

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The Porsche 911 R Is Already a Half-Million-Dollar Car

Well, that didn’t take long. Sure, we knew the Porsche 911 R was desirable. It’s probably—no, certainly—the most desirable of the current, 991 generation of 911 (although Porsche nerds surely know the R technically is based on the 991.1 series rather than the 991.2 on sale today). It’s also rare, …

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube

Front View The Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube contains the power you need for smooth full HD and VR gameplay. Top-Panel Design The top panel has diagonal lines that resemble gills. Side Vents The side of the chassis is vented for airflow. Back Panel The back panel is also vented for …

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HP Omen X

Full View Eschewing a traditional rectangular case for an enigmatic cube design, this gaming desktop hums with power like the Allspark, or a sleeker Borg ship. Front Face The front face, where you’ll find the Omen logo, glows with customizable lighting. Side View The cube is oriented with one edge …

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iBuyPower Snowblind Pro

Full View The case used for the Snowblind Pro is NZXT’s Noctis 450 tower, which packs plenty of flair and stands at 22.32 by 8.66 by 21.42 inches (HWD). Side-Panel LCD The left panel of the Snowblind Pro is a semi-translucent LCD. Second Screen The screen can be extended from …

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