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How (and How Much) are Organizations Spending on IT?

It happens all the time: leaders of organizations ask me how they should be spending their IT budget. So, I wanted to give you some insight about IT spending in general—and about how organizations like yours are spending their technology budgets. Here are some of the questions I regularly get …

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Key Components of a Successful IT Budget

IT budgeting: We talked about it at the macro-level in last month’s Impact—organizations are increasing their IT budgets in 2013. But what does this mean, specifically? How are organizations segmenting their IT spends? What are the line items that need to be included in a comprehensive IT budget? Below, we break …

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How to prevent some ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks have increased to such an extent that they have now become one of the leading threats to the financial stability, reputation, and data security of an organization. The threat has grown to such a level that FBI warnings have already been issued to the public. The problem is, attackers have …

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Linux containers have taken over the enterprise, and we hear so much about Docker and Kubernetes that we forget the equally important tasks of monitoring and logging. Docker continues to grow, and with it comes the growth of the ecosystem of services built around it. Now, though deploying containers predominantly …

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