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Easy fixes for six common laptop problems

The target in this article is to get ride on easy laptop problems.We live and work in a cold, cruel world where our laptops can take a lot of abuse. Regardless of how gentle we try to be, our notebooks will probably be dropped, spilled upon or worse—sooner, if not …

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Bees ‘go online’ in Manchester

Bees ‘go online’ in Manchester Bees in Manchester are having computer chips glued to their bodies, to help beekeepers track when they enter and exit the hive. Rory Cellan-Jones visited the project to find out how it works

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Facebook can’t hide behind algorithms

If Facebook’s algorithms were executives, the public would be demanding their heads on a stick, such was the ugly incompetence on display this week. First, the company admitted a “fail” when its advertising algorithm allowed for the targeting of anti-Semitic users. Then on Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg said he was handing over details …

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Microsoft Office is not coming to Linux

There’s a rumor that Microsoft will be bringing Office to Linux. That will happen when pigs fly. There’s a story going around that Microsoft might be porting Office to Linux. If you believe this story, I have a wonderful, lightly used bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you for a …

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Set up email forwarding or mail group in Google Apps for business

If your organization uses G Suite (Google Apps for business), follow these directions to establish an email address that anyone can use to send research/feedback/requests straight to your Research board or it’s called email forwarding. Set up a new Google group: 1. As a Groups admin for your G Suite organization, navigate to https://admin.google.com/ …

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An Introduction to Storage Terminology and Concepts in Linux

Introduction Linux has robust systems and tooling to manage hardware devices, including storage drives. In this article we’ll cover, at a high level, how Linux represents these devices and how raw storage is made into usable space on the server. What is Block Storage? Block storage is another name for …

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